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Lady Kendal Jagger is a world renowned journalist, humanitarian, and best selling author. Her commitment to focus on mental health issues in the world admirable. Her charity work and philanthropy is the best I’ve ever seen. Lady Kendal Jagger is the epitome of a phenomenal woman.

Dr. Theresa A Moseley
CEO TAM Creating Ambassadors of Pearce LLC

Lady kendal Jaggar is an engaging, charming and effective writer. She is uniquely placed as a writer, connector and ambassador. Her elegance and style matches her sharp mind and ready wit. I believe she is very special!

Tony Klinger
Chief Executive Officer at SAM FILMS LIMITED

Lady Jaggar is an incredible interviewer. I was a guest on her show she really gets the best out of people. Her work for helping others in need is truly inspiring.

Mark Stephen Pooler
Inspirational Speaker | PR Agency | Digital Media & Marketing

Lady Jaggar is a truly remarkable person. We met in March 2022 and have since become friends. She seems to have boundless energy and will give her all to help and support others personally or professionally. She has a heart of gold and supports so many charities. She is keen to champion the cause of others who may otherwise not be heard. She is a true humanitarian who spreads love and kindness to everyone she meets. Her work as a freelance journalist is remarkable, she is definitely someone to have in your corner. She is a lead cheerleader if you ever need one in your team. You have been selfless and shown integrity in all that you do.

Laura Y Akano
Etiquette Coach & Social Skills Trainer

Once in a while you’re invited to an event that takes you on a tour de force of emotion, humility and courage. This is an opportunity to applaud one of those events and its architect.

Lady Kendal Jagger is a passionate commentator on the subject of human possibility and uses her own story to lead by example. LKJ’s charity ball is as much a life lesson as it is a social experience. Chapeaux 🙌

Andy Sutherden
Expertise in sports marketing, brand partnerships, communications & reputation management.

Worked on several events and Charity work, has been a great help and assisted with many projects. Always has time and always has ability to help. I cannot say more and recommend her work.

Steve Lawrence RSA Dip MREC AIFL
Managing Director at EEVT Ltd

What a women Lady Kendal Jaggar is , her voice is been heard worldwide for Mental health in work places and so many other areas in life. A voice of so much knowledge and power. Lady brings people together to empower each other into leadership and the joy of connection, she sees you ,she feels you she inspires you, and most of all supports you ❤️

Lyndsey Austin The Confidence Mentor
Helping you to become the confident badass you through Mindset & Fitness

I had the distinct opportunity to be interviewed by the amazing Lady Kendal Jaggar on her radio show in October of this year. Lady Kendal is insightful, compassionate, and engaging which drew out stories from within that were both raw and timely making the interview come alive for the listening audience!

Marcea Burnette Whitaker MD
Master Destiny Life Coach, Physician, Speaker Inspiring Change
- As Seen in Forbes & USA Today

I worked with Lady Kendal Jaggar on the soft launch of her book 'The Broken Girl with the Red Shoes'.
I added performers, music and art to help highlight key aspects, bring it to life and turn it in to an immersive experience.
She's an incredible woman, a force to be reckoned with...
I look forward to us both working together on the fully developed, multi-sensory, immersive and interactive production of the book.

Molly (Ure) McQueen
Founder and owner of Midnight Bakery Events and Cirque De La Quirk.

Lady Kendal Jaggar who is an advocate leader first and foremost. She is an example of what a servant leader looks like. She is her platform. She is a committed advocate for those who suffer with mental health. Her message of healing and hope will challenge you to not let the status quo be the status quo. Invite her as a speaker and your audience will never be the same.

Christopher Hampton

I have had the great pleasure of meeting Lady K at the Shawn Fair Leadership tour. As a chief ambassador of this tour, she was very kind, warm, and gentle when hearing the many stories of how speakers got to where they are today. When I gave my personal testimony to her of some of my own trauma I was met with genuine empathy. As one of the keynotes for this event I was able to literally witness her heart on the stage! With all of the roles she plays in society it’s clear she has a strong message to share… hope in the face of adversity!

Adrienne Wise MA, LPC, CCTP
Trauma-Informed Care Consultant | International Keynoter | Emotional Wellness Therapist

Lady Kendal Jaggar is an amazing person -a heart with full of love for humanity. She supports everyone especially gives voice to the voiceless. As a news reporter as an ambassador as a journalist she is always ready to speak out for human rights and support those who needs it. I am just amazed with Lady Kendal Jaggar passion, enthusiasm, and energy to help others and so pleased to have her in my life, you are amazing human being.

Parul Begum - Life and Leadership Coach
Boost Your Confidence Academy

Lady Kendal Jaggar has been a true professional in all that she undertakes as a presenter of her radio show on WRS and is inspiring to all her team and has an exceptional attitude, a wonderful personality, and is an extraordinary communicator

We are so pleased with the radio series and the listeners rave about the radio shows true professional of the highest of standards

Howard Jameson
Founder of Women's Radio Station, Founder of Men's Radio Station, Co-Founder and Chairman of Jermyn Street Theatre, Chairman and Founder of The British Psychic and Medium Association, Founder of Kids Theatre Club

Lady K is a powerhouse and a selfless, thoughtful, creative, and caring person who has made an impression on me from the very moment we started chatting and when we met, it felt like we have been friends for eternity. I know Lady K in both a professional and personal capacity, and I can say without a doubt that she is one of the UK's unsung heroes, hard working, a voice for the voiceless and leaves a glittery trail of impact where ever she goes and yet, does so with such humility.

Lady K has such enviable people skills She has the rare ability to connect and communicate at all levels and her navigation across religious and cultural boundaries is to be noted.She is one of the most empathetic and genuinely kind person whom l can comfortably call a friend and a mentor all in one. Her drive to turn around negative and challenging situations into positive outcomes is something l mostly admire about her. She is open minded and always embraces every conversation and encounter with such genuine attention and enthusiasm that I often say to her is very infectious.

I would recommend her for any professional standing of any capacity within her area of capabilities and would do so without hesitation. She is a value add to any team that she engages herself with and has been an amazing ambassador for us at Flosverse. She is a leader who leads by example and she lives and breathes the values she often shares on stage. I am grateful to have her as a friend and colleague.we also have a shared passion for women empowerment, all things wellbeing and corporate mental health.

Alison Chiwara FRSA
Co Founder Flosverse, Corporate Mental Health Facilitator & Business Consultant,Motivational Speaker, Fellow, Talk Talk women In Tech Nominee, LKJ Award Recipient, Passionate about Women Empowerment, Education and EDI

Lady Kendal Jaggar is a consummate and relatable speaker and leader. She is highly skilled at engaging her audience through story-telling and personal experiences. She is open, honest, and authentic. Her presence on stage provides the listening audience with hope and success, as she presents from a place and space of victory, and a spirit of "yes you can"! A true ambassador and connector of people, as she knows no strangers.

Constance Woulard
Public Speaker, Thought leader, Global speaker of leadership and mental health issues, President, Board of Directors, Senior Adults for Greater Education, Thrive Unburdened, Board Member, Moderator, virtual educator

I am incredibly pleased to provide a recommendation for Lady Kendal Jaggar (LKJ), a highly acclaimed News Reporter, Radio Personality, Humanitarian, International Keynote Speaker, World Critic, Travel Journalist, Ambassador, and Best Fiction Author of the SABA award-winning book “The Broken Girl in the Red Shoes.”

I had the pleasure of interacting with LKJ over the past year and have witnessed her engagement and transformational work, influence, and leadership for physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness on various platforms in the community and globally through professional public speaking, writing, and coaching. I have heard her life-changing speeches and interviews sharing her story and message on stage, radio, podcasts, and news. In addition, I am proud to acknowledge Lady Kendal’s accomplishments in the areas of media, law, psychology, mental health, children’s rights, diversity, disabilities, and advocating for vulnerable citizens.

As a passionate advocate of mental health for several years, Lady Jaggar hosts the Free Your Mind, Let’s Talk About it with LKJ, a groundbreaking radio program for leaders to share their wisdom, knowledge, and expertise on trending issues, self-help, self-improvement, and mindset. Her work has earned her several awards, honors, and recognitions for her leadership, commitment, and contributions to her community and the next generation.

I am confident that LKJ’s hard work and tireless efforts will continue to propel her to higher depths as she pursues her goal of making a difference in the lives of people impacted by mental health challenges. I strongly recommend her without reservation.

Dr. Rhonda M . Wood

When you think of Lady Kendal Jaggar, you think of the ultimate humanitarian. She is an individual that consistently give to those who are truly in need no matter who they are, where they come from, what race they are in, or what social economic status they are in. She simply has a purpose in life to give to others. Lady Kendal Jaggar has accomplished many things in her life. She is a well known media personality in the United Kingdom. She has her own radio show, television show, she’s been asked to speak at some of the most prestigious events. Her voice is on that commands the audience but more importantly her life experiences gives her the ability to touch the hearts of an audience that is rare in the speaking industry. Lady Kendal Jaggar is the Founder and CEO of a prestigious media company called LKJ Media. Her media company has helped countless people elevate their brand taking them to new heights they would not otherwise achieve by themselves. Lady Kendal Jaggar’s accomplishments go far beyond this letter of recommendation, but is her heart, her generosity, willingness to help people unconditionally that sets her apart from some many great people. I recommend that she receives the Honorary Doctorate Degree from TIUA.

Shawn Fair
Founder Member of Leadership Experience Tour  |  International Motivational Speaker & Trainer

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