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Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar is a Media Coordinator for the Intelligence Agency & Investigation Dept UK & INTL -Missing Persons, Expert Columnist CXO,

President & Founder

Journalist, Travel Journalist CEO - Jaggar Street - Hon Dr Psychology - Award Winning Author, Radio Presenter and a British sign language interpreter. She is a freelance Current Affairs News Reporter, World Critic, an international keynote speaker in addition to a mental health awareness and wellbeing advocate. Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar specialises in the fields of Travel, Hospitality, Airlines, Food, Education and Sport. She has done voiceovers, hosted conferences and awards and is also an independent expert.

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar’s desire to continue education and knowledge acquisition led her towards gaining qualifications in Criminal Procedures, Criminology, Advance Criminology, Forensic Science & Profiling, Forensic Psychology, Criminal Law, Contract Law, Tort Law, Wills and Probate Law, Family Law and Employment Law. Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar understands that the world is continuously changing, therefore she continues to seek knowledge to better understand situations to help others.

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar believes that we must view the problems we encounter in a completely unbiased manner and should never pre-judge. We should use our ears to listen to others properly and seek to understand completely the other person’s viewpoint. Then, when we speak, our voice and words should be that of a supportive nature only.


Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar studied with Peter Carty in travel writing and she has studied with the British College of Journalism as a Travel Journalist. She studied with the NCJT in mobile journalism and writing for the web including media. Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar has also participated in the Guardian Column Writing with ‘Owen Jones’ and many others within the journalist industry.  

She has studied within the ‘Open University’ and educated herself on several courses including “Coping in Isolation – Time to Think”, “Exercise and Mental Health”,

“Exploring Issues in Woman’s Health”, “Investigating Psychology”, “Homelessness and need” “Death and Medicine” and “Children’s Rights”.

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar has continued her Continual Professional Development and achieved certificates in BRITISH SIGN LANGUAGE level 1-6, Deaf and Awareness, Disability in the Workplace, Equality, Child Counselling, Challenging Behaviour in Young people, Child Psychology, Bereavement Counselling, Body Language and Mental Health Law.

Law and mental health

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar is a mental health advocate also certified in law. She is presented with challenging issues daily as a radio presenter dedicated to mental health and that of a journalist. She believes that as a leader it is important to stand in this modern world and have a place that is safe and secure, both physically and also for mental health wellness.

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar feels that in our modern world there is a need for great bosses. She believes that a leader is someone who inspires their employees to be their best selves. Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar strives to do exactly this and believes that the employee’s best qualities should be identified through using wisdom and knowledge to bring them out. Additionally, leaders should be able to pinpoint growth opportunities, share them in a constructive manner and help individuals to develop a plan for improvement.

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar has identified that the workplace is challenging. As a leader she strives to take care of her team through ensuring they are engaged, she utilises good communication skills, finds opportunities for participation and offers to help her team and explains any questions they may want to ask without fear of repercussions.

Feeding the brain

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar is a strong believer of constantly feed our brains with knowledge. She cultivates this through her leadership as she has identified that by using training tools, it is a functional and a proactive way to keep hold of staff. Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar uses emotional intelligence in the workplace and has learnt that by cultivating the correct mindset which is a positive mindset to complete our tasks, we will gradually achieve our goals. Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar has identified that future of business is changing at a rapid rate. Within this revolutionary world and as a leader in her field, she is taking the adequate steps to ensure safety and mental health awareness. She passionately believes that our voices must be heard and we cannot be voiceless, we have to protect our mindset, we have to call out against any form of discrimination, we need to ensure that Diversity, Equality, Inclusion & disabilities are the main fundamental key we use to unlock that door to the Metaverse. Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar empowers and engages her workforce through using her quote:

“Lead as you wish to be followed”~ LKJ

Overcoming Gender inequalities

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar views herself as a modern leader that seeks to include women in the workplace of technology. Her place of work showcases mindsets in employment and proves that everyone has a right to work, which is a protected characteristic in the UK. However, there isa need for more action to overcome gender inequalities within the world.

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar consistently demonstrates courage through the work that she carries out. She initially saw a vision and purpose in herself and chose to embark onto the road to help humanity. In the same way, she seeks to see a vision and purpose in her colleagues and creates friendships for the right reasons, supporting their mental health.

Her leadership skills carried out through her authentic self-have been appreciated and people around her have been empowered. When Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar conducts reviews, she offers a true factual account through which customers have a clear insight to how the business runs daily. What the Company can offer and how the company fulfils their customers’ expectations for service and quality. She also visits discreetly to ensure standards are being upheld both internally and externally so the company is made aware immediately of any issues arising.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar specializes in giving speeches relating to issues pertaining to health and wellbeing, and the business community. She speaks about women’s health and about how companies can help vulnerable customers. She also gives keynote speeches on children’s rights, including on homelessness and need, death and medicine, forensic science, and journalism. As a keynote speaker, facilitator, host, after dinner speaker and corporate presenter, Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar has spoken at and hosted conferences for a wide variety of companies and industries.

In total Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar has over thirty years of experience. She has been invited as a guest speaker on numerous platforms and has also spoken at the Leadership experience tour.

“Challenges will not eliminate your purpose, you were enough and you are enough”~ LKJ

Her talents do not end there, Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar has been a voiceover for

• Adverts

• Corporate reads

• Documentaries

• Cartoons


Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar is an established author who has written four novels namely:

• The Broken Girl in the Red Shoes

• Waiting for the Tide

• Breathe and Garthmyl

• The Caretaker

he has also written twelve children’s books “Tales of lady Charlotte and Charlie the two mischievous toy poodles” In addition to the books that she has written Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar is a ghost writer. She would like to see as many people expressing their own story from within, as they walk their journey of life. Austin Macauley New York are her publishers. Through her writing Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar expresses how she truly believes the power of the pen can also unlock the freedom of your mind. She empowers through her voice that we all have a life journey of meaning, and we are all in need at some point in our own life of the support. She has written columns in newspapers and magazines, a range of newspapers and website articles and also she writes articles for other professionals in the Industry.

Jaggar Street

Jaggar Street is a humanitarian mission undertaken by Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar to provide a platform that is built on the foundations of connection, collaboration, and community. It is a street where everyone is equal and has a voice. It is intended to include individuals that would like to dance with diversity, equality, and inclusiveness. It has been created as a platform through which ideas and resources can be shared and everyone can work together to make an impact on the world. It helps individuals to learn how to free their minds, provides help and support with mental health, enables individuals to learn how to speak, provides legal advice. It teaches individuals that they have a voice, they should stand up and reach their dreams.


Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar has been felicitated with several awards including:

• Honorary Doctorate in Psychology.

• Best author of fiction saba 2020

• Awards from WOHA Dr Desziree Richardson

• Women of Heart Awards Beautiful, Powerful, Yet    Humble Dignitary 2023

• The Desziree Richardson Woman - Who Supports    Other Women Prestige Award 2023.

• Selected. Awarded and Crowned Women of    Heart Awards - International Global Icon Brand    Ambassador 2023

Through her work and leadership, Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar expresses that there is no shame if we fall; we must learn to stand again and, no matter what our life journey has in store for us, know that there is an umbrella that will support us when the rain falls.

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar believes in the truth, honesty and has a belief in God. She uses her voice to empower other individuals into recognising that they are more than enough. We all have a purpose that we stand for she has quoted:

“Never give up, always hold on and have faith until there is no unreasonable doubt”~ LKJ

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