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“Hera is the most formidable project of the 21st century and will be a cultural leap, born from love for Humanity, world peace and the dignity of women worldwide.

In a world where exclusion is generally practiced, Hera is a refreshing change to positivity and shows the way to inclusive endeavors and behaviors”.

Marianela Mirpuri


Jaggar Street is proud to be a Hera City Partner


Our mission is to help as many people as possible navigate the journey of dementia, both pre- and post- diagnosis, supporting family, friends and carers.

Our vision is a society where dementia is wholly understood and accepted, enabling people living with dementia to be fully supported throughout their journey.


Jaggar Street is proud to be a Freedom eE Partner

Jaggar Street and Dementia Support Group have joined forces to bring about a collaborate effort in supporting individuals affected by Dementia.

We are the disruptive solution "SUPREMA" of cross-marketing and sales solution "COLABOCRATICAS", which combine network marketing with digital marketing.

Francesca Giobbi, founder of FreedomeE

Thank you for your support.  Looking to support us?  Please contact us today  - Sponsorship Packages start    from £1,500 CONTEMPORARY ESTATES WEBSITE 

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Contemporary Estates

We secure bespoke property investment deals with the needs of our clients in mind.

Investing Today for Tomorrow.


Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Dr Arthur Cassidy

Dr. Arthur Cassidy is a well established Social Media and Celebrity Psychologist who has made a dynamic and energetic impact to contemporary television programmes by bringing a fresh insight into evidence based psychological aspects of a wide range of topics on human behaviour seen in today’s terrestrial channels. His psychological expertise and warm personality is constantly sought after by television executives, researchers and producers for high profile reality shows and serious documentaries.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Loving World

Building a Loving World - Online Courses


Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Loving Classroom

Loving Classroom delivers Positive Relationship Education (PRE) which identifies and boosts the innate goodness in all students, so that they interact with respect and kindness, and crave the wellbeing and fulfilment of all individuals and humanity.


HumanWisdom was founded by Dr Manoj Krishna. He used to be a spine surgeon, but moved by the suffering of children in war zones he left his medical career and started the HumanWisdom Project in collaboration with other professionals - to help each person access their own wisdom, which comes from a deeper understanding of themselves. He is the author of two books - Understanding Me Understanding You, and Stress Free.

Dr Manoj Krishna
Founder, HumanWisdom


Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by HumanWisdom

The right buzz would like to announce a massive achievement that being our billboards in the United Kingdom. Over the years the right buzz has been interviewing many amazing and talented people from all walks of life and it wouldn't have happened without you amazing listeners. We are absolutely proud of how far we have come but we could not have done it without Andy Jay Ross and Richard Barnett who have connected us with amazing celebrities and icons we show our gratitude to these gentlemen.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by The Right Buzz Radio


UK News in Pictures is an independent news website that believes in journalism to create social change.

We are also an independent press agency based in the United Kingdom. We send news and pictures around the world. Every day, our content flows directly into the news, photo and feature queues of the biggest newspapers and magazines across the globe.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by UKNIP 247 News


Women on the Move celebrates trailblazers who have served to make a difference in their communities. These powerful women have shattered glass ceilings, achieved their full potential and paved the way for others in their chosen professions.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Women on the Move


We Champion, Support and Celebrate Children and Youth all around the world as they fly their flags for change. We encourage them to use their creative minds and freedom of expression.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Aunua Global - Positive Vibes


ONYX Magazine celebrates Black achievement throughout Florida. It is the premier publication that acknowledges the accomplishments and contributions of African-Americans and those of the African diaspora.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Onyx Magazine


Flosverse CIC is a charitable organisation based in Scotland UK with 2 female founder who are passionate on women empowerment and keen on bridging the gap in gender parity within the tech sector and more so to the metaverse.

We train young girls aged between 13-17 in Web3 and immersive technologies, included 3D modelling. The girls get to learn from experienced artist our in-house curriculum generally touches on Virtual productions , immersive technologies, Blockchain Technology,web3 and 3D modelling as a standalone, alongside equipping them with soft skills which are transferable.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Flosverse


Open Theatre Work As Creative Enablers

We use nonverbal physical theatre to collaborate with young people with learning disabilities, creating quality art which reflects and celebrates their unique creativity.

We wholeheartedly believe in the ability of young people with learning disabilities to contribute to the creative and cultural life of the places where they live, and work as advocates for their valued involvement as artists and leaders.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Open Theatre


Welcome to our clinic, we are a exceptional qualified team of established Podiatrists/Chiropodists. We treat all foot problems and have a beautiful range of VIONIC footwear that give exceptional comfort.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Thandy’s Footsteps


Dr. ‘Dunni is the award winning mum empowerment coach, family doctor, and CEO of Druwa Academy, the platform where we help mothers step out of overwhelm, exhaustion & BURNOUT into the ENERGISED & EMPOWERED version of themselves by creating more time, energy and WELLBEING.

She is a global influencer, international speaker and best-selling author of the book, 'EVERY MUM IS A SUPERMUM: Breaking free from overwhelm & Exhaustion' and the Host of the Wellbeing 4 Mothers Show.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Dr Dunni, Druwa Academy


I have discovered my gift is being able to identify and see the true inner qualities of people i work with, which allows me to connect both spiritually and vibrationally with them to compliment their personal mindset to achieve life changing transformations.

I have a gift in seeing the best in people but more importantly being able to show them how to feel it, see it and realise their true potential….

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Mimibland


Women of Heart Awards-WOHA 88 London is a celebration of the beating hearts of our humanitarian world.

Whilst the current tumultuous 2020 has unexpectedly kept most of us socially distancing and shielded, our compassionate Women of Hearts battled away as an online celebration during the lockdown to recognise fifteen womentarians of humanity globally while making plans for a physical ceremony as an in-person celebration.

And with the pandemic and lockdowns still in full effect in 2021, the Women of Heart Awards list of recipients has grown tremendously from 15 to 50-75-88 as our honoree number, which made up the heart particles of our women of hearts of 20/21/22.

Therefore, with many challenges worldwide, the Women of Hearts Awards-WOHA is creating a triple-year ceremony celebrating the hearts making a difference in our world and launching the Gentlemen of Heart Awards, Goha, on the same evening.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by
Women of the Heart Awards


Gentlemen of Heart Awards (GOHA) is a sovereign organisation dedicated to highlighting and rewarding those extraordinarily brave and inspiring global men who reflect powerful yet humble leadership and humanitarian traits, created by Women of Heart Awards (WOHA) 88 London on the 9th of November, 2021.

Women of Heart Awards are delighted to create a distinguish award for heart-driven men who demonstrate compassion in their purpose and belief in conveying their support, message and creative works in the evolution of women's empowerment and humanity.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by
Gentleman of the Heart Awards

GOHA WEBSITE  #Dementia Jaggar Street Join this amazing community hub with award winning  and certified hosts.   This Community Hub and Membership is Free to Join!  Free to Network and Meet People Supporting Charities: Our Charities

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We provide financial and personal support to servicemen and women to help them make the transition from military service back into civilian life.

This includes designated transition courses using the sport of Rugby as a means to assist with this transition process as well as providing financial support to individuals by way of a formal grant application process.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Rugby for Heroes


Together We can, We should, and We will achieve the Dreams of the Golden Era of India….!!!

Let’s Grow Together

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Peeyush Pandit


We founded Black British Wall Street out of a pure passion for supporting Black & minority owned businesses. Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form a truly amazing company that helps to support the small businesses which are the backbone of the economy.  Contact us to learn more about Black British Wall Street, and how we continue to loyally serve the Black business community.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Black British Wall Street


ME Latina is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission isto foster every woman's passion for entrepreneurship and support her on her entrepreneurial journey. Led by executives and businesswomen we focus on providing workshops, guidance and networking dynamics for every woman entrepreneur to be educated, connected and grow.

Jaggar Street is proud to be supported by Mujer Emprende Latina