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Jaggar Street Join this amazing community hub with award winning and certified hosts.   This Community Hub and Membership is Free to Join!  Free to Network and Meet People
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Corporate (Advertising)  |  Sponsorship

Contact Us to advertise and promote your business - £50 per year CONTEMPORARY ESTATES WEBSITE  Onyx presents Women on the Move Honorees www.onyxwotm.com

Modern Etiquette Lessons for Adults, Children and Teenagers.                            

Do you wish to feel relaxed and self-assured in any social or professional situation? Etiquette is a life skill. It is not about complicated rules or simply knowing which fork to use. It is about communicating confidently, respectfully and effectively with other people no matter what the context.

Whether it’s a formal dinner or a job interview, a knowledge of etiquette will help you understand other people’s needs and expectations.

Polished Manners courses apply etiquette training to real-life situations, allowing you to make a memorable first impressions and conduct yourself in a way that will put others at ease. Polished Manners offer etiquette training and coaching for groups and individuals, on a wide range of topics, depending on your needs. Our flexible and extensive curriculum is delivered through fun and interactive sessions involving practical work and role-play. Modules cover business and social etiquette including afternoon tea etiquette.  In person and online tutorials available.  Contact Laura by email: laura@polishedmanners.co.uk  Website: www.polishedmanners.co.uk

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